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Technical Reports

  • Shudong Chen,Johan J. Lukkien, Richard Verhoeven,Remi Bosman,Melissa Tjiong; VICSDA System Design and Prototype; ; IShare deliverable D1.16 ; December, 2007
  • Reinder J. Bril; Towards pragmatic solutions for two-level hierarchical scheduling - Part I: A basic approach for indpendent applications; CS-Report 07-19 ;Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e), Department of Mathematics and Computer Science ; August, 2007
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  • Dmitri Jarnikov; QoS Framework for In-home Digital Networks, PhD thesis; ; August, 2007


  • Reinder J. Bril; Worst-case response time analysis of real-time tasks under fixed-priority scheduling with deferred preemption revisited; Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS), Pisa, Italy; July 6, 2007

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Dec'17 - PhD Defense

Sara Afshar defended her PhD-thesis entitled 'Lock-based resource sharing for Real-Time Multi-Processors' at MDH, Västerås, Sweden on December 19th, 2017

Jun'17 - Social Event

The SAN group went to "t Dommeltje" for farming and to a garden for a BBQ

Jun'17 - PhD defense

Hrishikesh Laxman Salunkhe defends his PhD thesis titled "Modeling and buffer analysis of real-time streaming radio applications scheduled on heterogeneous multiprocessors" on June 12, at 16:00.

May'17 - Special Session SLESC

Antonio Liotta and Tanir Ozcelebi organized a special session on Smart Lighting Environments: Sensing and Control (SLESC), as part of ICNSC 2017

May'17 - Best paper award

Aravind Kota Gopalakrishna received a best paper award for Evaluating machine learning algorithms for applications with humans in the loop at the ICNSC 2017 conference.

Mar'17 - Prof. Lukkien becomes dean

Professor Johan Lukkien becomes dean of the deparment of Mathematics and Computer Science

Jan'17 - Journal paper

Acceptance of a 64 page paper entitled "Fixed priority scheduling with pre-emption thresholds and cache-related pre-emption delays: integrated analysis and evaluation" in the Real-Time Systems journal of Springer.

Oct'16 - Outstanding paper

Jingyue Cao received an outstanding paper award for Independent yet Tight WCRT Analysis for Individual Priority Classes in Ethernet AVB at the RTNS 2016 conference.

Sep'16 - Social Event

The SENS group performed the Ultimate Brainbattle at Dukino Business Events, with a BBQ afterwards.

Sep'16 - PhD defense

Ionut David defends his PhD thesis titled "Run-time resource management for component-based systems" on September 7, at 16:00