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Student Projects

When you are interested in doing either a short project (“stage”) or your masters project in our group you can contact R.J. Bril who coordinates this. The list below shows example projects. Even when you don’t find what you want you can contact us. Usually, there are interesting projects not explicitly listed.

Available assignments

Formal Modeling of the Wafer Logistics in Lithography Machines @ ASML Large
(Deep Learning) Synthesizing Time-Series with Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Networks (TU/e SAN) Large
20140623 Product Family Engineering and Variability Management (Philips HealthCare) Large
A dataflow accelerator for molecular dynamics - TUe/SAN Large
A monitoring system for p2p streaming (analytical part) Large
A monitoring system for p2p streaming (measurement part) Large
A Spark Simulator for Application Scheduling in Large-scale Distributed Systems Large
Abstraction of dataflow sub-graphs as dataflow nodes - TUe/SAN Large
AdHoc Network Architecture For Public Safety Large
Analysis of 6TiSCH network behavior Large
Analysis of CoAP performance in a 6TiSCH network Large
Analysis of communication technologies for outdoor lighting (Philips Lighting) Small
Analysis of WiFi network communication to detect intruders Large
Anti-bot wall Large
Attribute Extraction from Text - Naspers Large
AudioVisual clustering and classification by means of statistical methods Large
Autonomic Network Management Large
Autonomous warehouse and last mile delivery - Bright Cape B.V. Large
Casting an existing surveillance application in a framework supporting FPDS and reservations Large
Class Activations for Weakly Supervised Object Detection - Naspers Large
Client Intelligence for Adaptive Streaming Applications Large
Code upload in OSAS Large
Communication flow enforcements in mesh IoT networks - Irdeto Large
Communication protocols for modular FPGA-designs Large
Compilation schemes for OSAS Large
Control a prosthetic arm with muscles - ALTEN Large
Controller synthesis for modular software design Large
Deep Listing Corrector - Naspers Large
Deriving context information from variation of RSSI signals (Philips Research) Small
Design of Reliability Mechanisms for a Distributed Shared Dataspace Small
Detection of use of botnet hosts to generate traffic to Internet services Large
Determining and improving ETA reliability Large
Develop a tool to predict backwards compatibility of software interfaces - ASML Large
Develop an interface definition language for deployment of simulators for early software validation - ASML Large
Develop Architecture for timing prediction Large
Develop Module identification by scanning color code - ASML Large
Developing a generic framework for domain management in digital right management (DRM) systems Large
Developing a monitoring system for P2P multimedia streaming Large
Developing Techniques for Checking Conformance between UML Designs and their Implementation Large
Development and simulation environment for OSAS Large
Development of a Performance Architecting Cookbook (with SUN, Oracle, Belastingdienst) Large
Development of an emulated network Large
Device self-identification in mesh networks based on topology knowledge - Irdeto Large
DLX processor in Haste Large
Drones for assisting avalanche Search and Rescue (SaR) operations - Bright Cape B.V. Large
Embed Simulink models in a software context Large
Energy Aware Routing using RPL Large
Energy-aware buffer sizing (Ericsson) Small
Evaluation of FPDS - TU/e, SAN Large
Face-based audiovisual content segmentation and classification - NXP Large
Film Grammar AV segmentation clustering classification Large
Finding Optimal Feature Sets in Supervised Classification by Building an Opensource Python Library - Naspers Large
Formal methods and assertions in Haste Large
Generalized Learning across Semantic Embedded Spaces - Naspers Large
Generic framework for network commissioning in IoT - Irdeto Large
Generic system functions in OSAS Large
Grai Matter Labs: Real-time video/Audio pre-processing hardware for neuromorphic vision processor. Large
Guiding towards a parking spot - TomTom Large
Handshake circuit visualisation Large
Handshake circuits and protocols for speed Large
Identification of attack point on video distribution system Large
IEEE 802.15.4e TSCH model in ns3 Small
Image Captioning for Title Generation - Naspers Large
Image quality improvements using deep learning - Naspers Large
Implementation of a 2x2 complexity-reduced soft-input sphere decoder Large
Implementation of the TALQ standard for outdoor lighting Large
Improving the maintainability of legacy source code - Philips Large
Increase predictability of maintenance through smart use of date Large
Instrumentation of video processing components Large
Integrity checker for embedded software Large
Investigate and test 3D modeling - ASML Large
Investigate formal verification of protocols in state machine models Large
Investigating activity classification and monitoring Large
Investigating activity classification and monitoring Large
Investigating and supporting timeliness for OSAS Large
Learning without Forgetting from Continously Growing Large Scale Datasets - Naspers Large
Link ASD protocols to our Matlab models Large
Low Complexity Optimal Channel Decoder for Digital Radio Mundiale (DRM) - NXP Large
Machine Learning / Data Science projects Large
Mapping dataflow graphs on multiple FPGAs - TUe/SAN Large
Mechanisms for making gain time available in a hierarchical scheduling framework Large
Mobile Work Spaces - Bright Cape Large
Model driven engineering for machine control Large
Model Transformation- CAL to Heracles (Ericsson) Small
Modeling and bounding caching effects of medical imaging application Large
MSc-assignments @ ASML (2018/2019) Large
MSc-ES assignments - Holst Centre Large
Multimodal Listing(Ad) Summarization - Naspers Large
Multipoint-to-point media streaming in Peer-to-Peer networks Large
Multithreaded simulation Large
Novel approach to incentive sharing in peer-to-peer networks Large
Offloading image analysis kernels to a vector DSP (Ericsson) Small
Opportunistic video streaming in ad-hoc networks Large
Optimal Biosensor Design Large
Overview of 45 possible projects with companies (including some of the projects below) Small
Peer-to-Peer topology generator Large
Performance analysis of hardware data structures Small
Platoon management enhancement via IoT-based vehicle trajectory exchange - TNO Large
Predicting workloads to steer platform capacity Large
Privacy Tree - Bright Cape Large
Providing trusted data feeds for smart contracts (De Nederlansche Bank) Large
Real-time Personalized Recommendation System using Images, Text and User Behavior - Naspers Large
Real-Time scheduling in Vehicles (TNO) Small
Real-time system performance trending of interventional X-ray systems Large
Remote Patient Monitoring Large
Residential data: Can we learn more from it? Large
Risk-based Authentication Large
Rollback protection of TEE Large
Secure service discovery, access and coordination for service oriented applications Large
Security infrastructure for a quality prediction tool - Bright Cape B.V. Large
Semantic AV segmentation and clustering by means of film grammar and stochastic/statistical AV conte Large
Sematic audiovisual analysis for non-uniform content segments Large
Sensor networks at auto parking areas Small
Service-Curve Transformations for Ethernet AVB Large
Simulative analysis of advanced Quality-of-Service features for Ethernet In-Vehicle Networks Large
Smart scan chain ordering Large
Social robots for autonomous medicine delivery - Bright Cape B.V. Large
Soft-state based dynamic address allocation in Wireless Sensor Networks Large
Software Engineering for lithography systems Large
Software Engineering for lithography systems - ASML Large
Software infrastructure for a quality prediction tool - Bright Cape B.V. Large
StaccatoLab simulator acceleration - TUe/SAN Large
Stochastic critical path analysis for Wafer Logistics at ASML Large
Supply chain optimization using reinforcement learning - BetterSolutions (PL) Large
Syntactic Periodic Scheduling of Data-Independent Systems Large
System engineering for safety critical systems Large
Three in-vehicle networks projects (NXP) Small
Three WSN projects (NXP) Small
Time-synchronized Channel Hopping for Wireless In-Vehicle Networks Large
Traitor Tracing Large
Trusted data feeds for smart contracts executing on a blockchain (De Nederlansche Bank) Large
Utilizing User Behavior Data as Weak Labels to Improve ML Models - Naspers Large
Visual Search Large
Visualization of and analysis for hierarchical scheduling Large
Vulnerability assessment HCE applications Large
White-box cryptography Large
Whitebox Attack-resistant Implementations of the Key Loading Mechanism Large
Whitebox attack-resistant implementations of the key loading mechanism Large
Worst-case response-time analysis of Ethernet TSN using the Coq theorem prover - TUE/SAN Large

Running projects

A data acquisition architecture link
A dataflow graph for pulsar search - TUe/SAN link
API for Intelligent Traffic Systems and telematics Applications implemented on a hybrid communicatio link
Extend PYNQ with a dataflow interface (PYNQ = Python on Zynq) - TUe/SAN link
Implementation-based Exploration of Functional and Time Synchronization Redundancy in Automotive Eth link
Modeling the effect of Time Sensitive Networking standards on the timing performance in Automotive E link
Non-linear and variable length survival analysis for Diabetes Mellitus Type II patients n.a.
Optimal Support Placement for Fixture Generation link
Study and Evaluation of Image Inpainting using GANs n.a.
The Human LED display link

Recent projects

6LoWPAN: IPv6 for Battery-less Building Networks
A framework for supporting distributed video content applications
A real-time SNR scalable transcoder for MPEG-2 video streams
Adaptivity in software architecture
Advanced connection management
An architecture for data synchronization in a mobile environment
Analysis and implementation of the context mechanism
Analysis of Automotive Traffic Shapers in Ethernet In-Vehicular Networks
Atherosclerotic plaque classification using supervised classification algorithms
Detection of approximate tandem repeats in protein sequences
DSP algorithms on vector processors : a framework for testing vectorized algorithms
eCarpark The Parking Spot Finder
Forensic Audio Watermarking for Digital Video Broadcasting
Light Weight Collaborating Smarties
Mapping an LTE Baseband Receiver on a Multi-Core Architecture
Mapping Molecular Dynamics to Reconfigurable Hardware
Modular composition of imaging application on commercial-off-the-shelf programmable hardware platfo
Motion Controller Acceleration by FPGA Co-Processing
Multi-Standard Multi Channel Channel Decoder Architecture for Mobile Applications
Parallel simulation of energy metabolism in skeletal muscle cells
Performance analysis of SoC architectures based on network calculi
Performance benchmarking of FreeRTOS and its Hardware Abstraction
Programming Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
Real-time resource discovery for end-to-ebd QoS optimalization in converged IMS-based networks
Reducing Power Usage in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Software Abstractions
Resource modeling of software components in the OSAS framework
Service discovery, monitoring and management in smart spaces composed of low capacity devices
Simulation of atrial fibrilllation using the cellular bidomain model
Static Analysis and Task Scheduling for Multi-mode Software-Defined Radio Applications
Traffic aware and Low Power MAC Protocol Analysis and Validation
Virtual communities in the IMS network
A back channel for MHP
A Methodology to Map Vital Sign Camera Algorithms onto Constrained Heterogeneous Multi-Core Embedded
A parallel algorithm for comparing metabolic pathways
A real-time SNR scalable transcoder for MPEG-2 video streams
A run-time complexity adaptive channel estimator for CMMB
A study on the impact of transmission power on the message delivery latency in large ZigBee networks
A wireless mesh network for smart metering
Accelerating SIFT feature extraction with a vector DSP : a feasibility study
Advanced connection management
An experimental study of human action recognition system using machine learning
Analysis and implementation of the context mechanism
Analysis of current and future phishing attacks on internet banking services
Architecture variability and multi-criteria optimization
Aspect Oriented Tooling for Measuring Dynamic Memory Use of Component-based Systems
Automated techniques for reconstructing and assessing correspondence between UML designs and impleme
Automatic commissioning of wireless sensor networks
Automatic living light effect generation
Automatic ontology-driven extraction and structuring of information from the Internet
Automatic scheduling with variable constraints : design and development of a generic assignment and
Automatic vectorization for the CVP
Automating model transformations using UML functions
Automating visual quality control of manufactured products
Capacity study for LTE release 13 eMTC with coverage enhanched RACH
Communication between a MHP set-top box and mobile devices
Compiled simulation of a vector VLIW processor
Complexity scalable motion estimation control for H.264/AVC
Data-flow based temporal analysis for TDM arbitration
Delivering multimedia content to mobile devices via mobile access points
Deployment of lighting controls in a lighting system based on an open lighting architecture
Design and assessment of analysis techniques for UML sequence diagrams
Design and evaluation of multi-channel operation implementation of ETSI GeoNetworking Protocol for I
Design and implementation of a real-time distributed shared data space
Design and Implementation of a Real-Time protocol over Ethernet
Design and implementation of workflow support in FLUENT
Design and realization of BLE networks with relays
Design of an IoT gateway for connecting legacy networks to the IoT
Design of optimal buffers
Determining the relative position of a device in a wireless network with minimal effort
Drainage computations on digital elevation models
Dynamic Resource Allocation for Competing Priority Processing Algorithms on a Cell/B.E. Platform
Dynamic Resource Allocation in Multimedia Applications
Dynamic Service Composition
Efficient deployment of stream-based distributed systems on cloud infrastructure
Empirical investigations in software architecture completeness
Enabling Interoperability Amongst Global IoT Networks using Shared-Infrastructural Models
Enabling Omron's IPC for Industry 4.0, M2M and IIoT
Energy-aware scheduling for modal radio graphs
Estimating performance indicators at model level
Evaluation of appearance based methods for facial expression recognition
Evaluation of UPnP in the context of service oriented architectures
Executable and resource-predicting application models for interventional X-ray
Exploration of low-power viterbi decoders design for low-throughput application
Exploring the effect of UML modeling on software quality
Exploring the feasibility of high compute kernels of Kernelized Correlation Filter based object trac
Extending RTAI/Linux with FPDS
Extending service discovery protocols with support for context information
Extending uC/OS-II with FPDS and reservations
Fault injection mechanisms for validating dependability of automotive systems - NXP
Feasibility of an automatic data flow centric design trajectory for SDR
Finding redundant data sources in smart environments
Fleet sorter : an exercise into programming FLEET
Flexible Spin-Lock Model - Analysis and Implementation
FlexRay-based communication for distributed in-vehicle embedded control
Frequency Domain Adaptive Equalizer techniques for Gigabit Ethernet Reception - NXP
GCL viewer : a study in improving the understanding of GCL programs
Generating UML diagrams using feature diagrams for software product line
Graph coloring in timetabling
Home network security
iBeacon localization
Identity based mutual authentication of CE devices
Implementation and experimentation with adaptive fault management in component based software system
Implementation and simulation of two pass forward texture mapping on a SIMD coprocessor architecture
Implementation of 2x2 soft-input soft-output sphere decoder
Implementation of a low-latency EtherCAT slave controller with support for gigabit networks
Implementation of abstract UNITY algorithms in PVM
Implementing low-cost toolchains to implement AUTOSAR compliant Ethernet and CAN communication stack
Improving multipoint video conferencing using scalable video coding
Improving semantic interoperability in remote patient monitoring applications
Information Retrieval through Optical Character Recognition
Instrumentation of networked video streaming components
Integration of 3D video into the Blu-ray format
Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks with a Service-Oriented Architecture
Interface Selection Layer - Improving QoS using Interface Pair Selection
Interface selection layer : improving QoS using interface pair selection
Knowledge interpretation for smart environments using microcontrollers
Large ZigBee Networks
Learning preferences for music playlists
Limited-preemptive scheduling for control tasks
Load balancing of real-time tasks over the multicore multihost system
Local search for automatic playlist generation
Low Power Controller for a Deformable Mirror of an Optical Telescope
Machine 2 machine communication : remote monitoring and management
Mapping large 2D FFTs onto FPGAs using high level synthesis
Metric view evolution : monitoring architectural quality
Modeling and measuring the performance of a surveillance camera
Modeling CPU usage of a GPRS protocol layer using coloured Petri nets
Modeling Multicore Contention under Cyclic Executive Scheduling
Multi-channel wireless LAN on a shared multi-processor system-on-chip
Multicast DNS in wireless ad-hoc networks of low-resource devices
Music based light effects
Node counting in a wireless sensor network
On-Node Processing: Algorithms for Activity Classification
Operation Analyzer : a software approach for improving fault diagnosis at Philips Medical Systems
Optimal route planning for car navigation systems
Optimization of graph partioning algorithms for route planning
Parallel object oriented scattering analysis using a service oriented architecture
Parallel simulation of scattering analysis on a shared dataspace
Peer-to-peer multimedia streaming monitoring system
Performance analysis of parallel blocksorters
Performance Analysis of Scenario-Aware Dataflow Graphs using MATLAB SimEvents
Performance of resource access protocols : time measurement of multicore real time resource access p
Porting the digital radio mondiale receiver on the Ericsson M7400 Platform
Priority budget scheduling using dataflow
Publish/subscribe as architectural style for component interaction
QoS-Aware Distribution and Deployment of Lighting Control Behaviors
Quality improvement through architecture analysis using the ATAM
Querying resource description framework graphs
Real-Time Proxy: a TCP-based Transport Protocol for combined wired and wireless networks
Real-time Proxy: a TCP-based transport protocol for combined wired and wireless networks
Resource and Service Management in Smart Spaces Composed of High and Low Capacity Nodes
Scalable architecture and platform for data analytics in wearable health solutions
Scalable hardware architecture for soft-decision sphere decoding
Securing the home network
Simulation of drift control for an electron microscope stage using image processing in the loop
Simulation of large-scale genetic regulatory systems
Software architecture analysis tool
Software framework for long-distance transportation drones
Software Update for Internet of Things using the Lightweight Machine to Machine Protocol
Sound camera as a service
Stress-testing clouds for big data application
Studies into refactoring of software architectures
Suitability of Bluetooth low energy as a communication technology for automotive applications
Synchronous dataflow graph (SDFG) modeling and performance analysis of multiprocessor NoC based syst
Techniques and processes for assessing compatibility of third-party software components
Temporal-behavior evaluation of a network on chip
The design of a micro-controller : a transformational approach
The design of a reconfigurable interleaver architecture for software defined radio
The Performance of Wireless MPEG-2 Video Streaming
The performance of wireless MPEG-2 video streaming
Thread Networking Testbed for Performance Analysis of Wireless Mesh Networks
Time synchronization in IoT lighting control
Towards a generic scan analysis framework
Trade-offs in the Distribution of Neural Networks in a Wireless Sensor Network
UPnp - JXTA bridging
UPnP-JXTA bridging
User conflict prevention in a connected lighting system
Using Computational Trust to Reliably Detect Emergency Situations at Home
Variation tolerant architectures
Vector processing on FPGAs : scalability and performance
Vectorization of code generation in CDMA
Vectorization of fast Fourier transform and digital audio broadcast reception
Virtual platform for the ARM Cortex-M0 Processor
VLSI design of a Reed-Solomon decoder for gigabit automotive ethernet
Volund : a research vehicle for networked video streaming
XML for embedded systems
XML for embedded systems : the role of XML in distributed embedded networks

We have a template for describing projects (in Word).