System Architecture and Networking

Imagine just any electronic system that is not somehow networked with other systems. Found one? Must be a pretty boring system then, since one of the fascinating developments of the last years is that devices of all form factors and functionality become connected. In our group we study parallel and distributed systems. The emphasis is on the architecture of networked embedded systems, including hardware and software aspects. We are interested in advancing design methodologies and in quantitative analyses of real systems. A few current points of attention are


Much of our work is done in cooperation with industry through national and international projects. Within these projects we cooperate also with other groups within TU/e, most notably, Electrical Engineering (de With), Industrial Design (Feijs), Bio-medical engineering (Hilbers) and Chemical Technology (Jansen). You are invited to browse our pages to get an impression. In particular, there is a vacancy within the WASP project.


SAN is an expertise area within the capacity group Computer Science. Together with the Mathematics group these form the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Eindhoven University of Technology.