Many-core programming and resource management
for high-performance Embedded Systems

Project Summary

The ability to reuse existing software code has grown in importance as software applications become more complex. With the arrival of many-core semiconductor architectures, application developers face an additional problem: how to rewrite software applications to exploit the increased parallel processing available. The MANY project is developing an improved programming environment for the embedded-systems realm; one which will facilitate faster development of applications for a variety of hardware platforms.


  • Behaviour of a parallel application
  • Adapting performance measurement & analytical tools
  • Source-to-source code translation
  • Resource awareness at the programming level
  • Supplying virtualisation services

Unique Selling Points / Business Value

  • Reusing existing software is a norm to ensure semiconductor developers low time-to-market
  • Many-core architectures with hundreds of cores per chip will require fast code
    development process
  • The project aims to develop an efficient programming environment

Expected Results

  • Tools and methods to fully exploit the capabilities of future many-core processors for the embedded domain
  • Virtual Machine Monitor, to provide zero-downtime system and robust execution environment
  • Provide Domain Specific Languages to be compiled to a variety of targets without changing the original source code
  • Standardisation