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The ultimate technological goal of the CANTATA project (Content Aware Networked Systems Towards Advanced and Tailored Assistance) is to develop a system that is fully content aware and has understanding of the content that it is processing. Such an ideal system would apply this knowledge to establish an action, or autonomously control the environment where the content is used. For example, a surveillance system would not only detect and identify a criminal act, but while recording it, inform the police, or initiate building controls so that the suspects are captured.

Our interests

We, the System Architectures and Networking (SAN) group at the Eindhoven University of Technology, are interested in the Real-Time aspects of the CANTATA platform, including


The following people from our SAN group are currently contributing to the CANTATA project:


We contribute to CANTATA in the following areas:

System architecture

We have contributed to the archiectural discussions, especially durin the initial phases.

We are also investigating Swift mode changes in memory constrained real-time systems, where we introduce non-preemption (or deferred preemption) to improve on the existing latency bound of mode changes in scalable applications. We focus on modes specifying the task's memory requirements.

Resource Management

We are responsible for the Resource Management Component (RMC), which is a part of the CANTATA Runtime Environment. It is responsible for managing the memory for the components. It provides interfaces to request and discard memory budgets, and to allocate and free memory within an allotted budget.