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COnverged MEssaging Techology (COMET) is a consortium funded by the European Commission 6th Framework Programme (FP6).

The recently introduced IP Multimedia Subsystem is an NGN architectural framework and an industry initiative that was taken to improve the quality of the services provided by telecom operators. The aim of the COMET project is to define and implement a Converged Messaging framework based on IMS in order to exchange messages between new and existing message domains anytime and anyplace, irrespective of network technology or device used.




SAN Contribution

SAN group is mainly focused on two research aspects within the COMET project:

1) COMET architecture quality evaluation and improvement by transformation:

The target is to develop a tool for providing automated support for improving quality properties of COMET component architecture at the architecture level prior to the deployment phase.


2) Management of quality for the provided services:

IMS standard enables non-dedicated, unlicensed and uncontrollable access networks (e.g. WiFi, xDSL) to be used when accessing IMS services. Therefore, guaranteed QoS may not be achievable in the IMS network. Here, the target is to enhance the end-to-end quality of services provided by real-time quality adaptation according to user's preferences, context and resource availability.


Recent Scientific Output

  Journal and Conference Publications
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