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The SCEE-2002 conference will take place at the university campus site of Eindhoven University of Eindhoven(TUE). The campus is within walking distance from the city centre and the main hotels.

Not far from the TUE, the flying pins are a real eye catcher. This monument has recently been set up under sponsorship of the city of Eindhoven and companies such as the Philips & TUE. The flying pins characterise the development of the city of Eindhoven. Just as the bowling ball is surrounded by pins, the city of Eindhoven has risen as the larger core separating itself from 5 smaller independent villages.

The yellow colour of the pins reflects the yellow of the narcissus that is widespread in the immediate surroundings. The pins symbolise sport in general and not specifically bowling. Just as the ball in most sports is harboured in the middle encircled by players.

A nice touch of this work of art is that Dutch merchants introduced the game "Bowls" to America. Originally it was played on grass in a park in Manhattan. This park is still called "Bowling green" until the day of today.  

For those who want to know more of the city of Eindhoven we have gathered some links to internet-pages with information about Eindhoven.


TUE The conference location.Take a look at what the university of technology has to offer. Also available is a map of the University

The city of Eindhoven Take a look at what the city of Eindhoven has to offer. This page is available in Dutch, German, French and English. Just click at welcome in the language you want to read.

The weather If you want to know whether to bring a raincoat or sunglasses to Eindhoven, take a look at this webpage for weather-updates.

PSV Eindhoven A top 3 soccer team. For the soccer fans among us, who want to check out the homepage of Eindhoven's soccer club, PSV.

Tourist Information A link to VVV Eindhoven with tourist information such as hotels, events.  

Museum van Abbemuseum, museum of modern art.

van Gogh For history, paintings of the wellknown painter Vincent van Gogh. 


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