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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What is the deadline for submission of abstracts?
    A: There is an extended deadline for posters only until April 15, 2002.
  2. Q: What is the deadline for the full paper?
    A: The deadline for the full paper is at the Conference.
  3. Q: When do I get a notification of acceptance?
    A: Notification of acceptance for extended deadline: May 1, 2002
    However, we will review incoming papers as soon as we receive them, so typically you will be notified sooner.
  4. Q: Help! I cannot submit an abstract.
    A: You have to register as a participant first. Note that this is different from subscribing to our e-maillist (which is just to keep interested people informed).
  5. Q: But I only want to come if you accept my paper.
    A: Please register anyway and send an e-mail to Stephan Houben stating that you only come if your paper gets accepted.
  6. Q: I need a written invitation.
    A: Sorry, but we can only send written invitations to people who have submitted an abstract, and whose abstract has been accepted. Please submit an abstract first.
  7. Q: What is the desired format of the abstract?
    A: Please send an extended abstract of two pages, in PostScript or PDF format. Please present results in your abstract, possibly with relevant figures and/or tables. Take a look at the example abstract in LaTeX. Also see the resulting PostScript or PDF file.
  8. Q: I cannot view my abstract!
    A: In order to view a Postscript or PFD file through a webbrowser, your webbrowser has to be configured correctly. In Netscape, you can do this by selecting menu option Edit->Preferences. You then get a dialog window. Select in the left pane Navigator->Applications. In the right pane, you should see a "Helper application" installed for Acrobat (if you want to read PDF) and an application that handles PostScript (for example GSview, the viewer that comes with GhostScript). If this is not correctly installed, you will not be able to view PostScript and/or PDF files. In that case, you can either install them from this window, or right-click on the link to your abstract, select "Save Link As...", save the file to disk and load it in your PostScript or PDF viewer. For other browsers than Netscape, similar features exist: consult the documentation of your browser.
  9. Q: Will the 2-pages abstract be published in the SCEE proceedings?
    A: No. The abstract will be published in the Book of Abstracts. However, if your abstract is accepted, you can create a full paper for the Proceedings (which is a separate publication). There will be a separate review process for the Proceedings.
    So the abstract and the full paper are two different things. The abstract gets (if accepted) published in the Book of Abstracts, and the full paper gets (if accepted) published in the Proceedings.



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