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   Hotels and accomodation

Accomodation can be arranged through the Eindhoven Tourist Office.

Contact person: Rosemary van Mierlo
Fax: +31-40-2433135
E-mail: rvanmierlo@vvveindhoven.nl
Phone: +31-40-2979101

Note that all hotel reservations are handled by the Eindhoven Tourist Office, not by the Conference organisation. The Tourist Office can also assist you in finding budget accomodation.

Please be aware that hotels in Eindhoven tend to be full in June, and that some hotels are far away from the Conference location (which is at the Eindhoven University of Technology).

It is strongly recommended that you arrange your accomodation as early as possible, to prevent that you have take a hotel that is very expensive and/or far removed from the Conference location.

If you want to share a room with somebody else, please contact Stephan Houben, who will try to mediate the sharing of rooms.

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