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25 June 2002

MACSI-net Working Group "Electromagnetics in Telecommunication"

MACSI-net is an EU-funded network initiative to further the interaction on mathematics between industry and universities. MACSI stands for MAthematics, Computing and Simulation for Industry. The web-site of MACSI-net can be found at http://www.macsinet.org.
To structure the process of interaction, several Working Groups have been founded that organise meetings and by which also progress can be monitored.

The Working Group Electromagnetics in Telecommunication addresses topics of modelling and scientific computing in

  1. Electromagnetics
  2. Circuit simulation
  3. Semiconductor device modelling
  4. Coupled problems, including heat effects
  5. Optimisation
tailored to the application area of telecommunication.
The Working Group aims at meetings for regular exchange of results and developments at the technical level, but also wants to keep an eye on trends in technology, the increasing interaction between different processes, processes at higher frequencies and at different timescales, its impacts on modelling and requirements for simulation tools. Additionally the Working Group is directed towards cooperation on a European level between universities and industry.

This Industry Day at SCEE-2002 is the first event organised by this Working Group. This event is partly funded by MACSI-net.


On Tuesday 25 June a special Industry Day will be held, with only Invited Speakers, most of them coming from Industry (R&D departments).
See also the poster (PDF).

One of the aims of the SCEE-conferences is to bring people from industry and academia together. In the regular programme they will discuss their technical topics. However, we also want to hear about trends and long term visions from industry. These topics receive more attention when being expressed by special people. Hence, on the Industry Day, we want to concentrate on these topics.

The Invited Speakers will present their vision on trends and challenges in research (and especially in electromagnetics and in IC and related areas), and in technologies. They will talk on the following topics:

Each of them will do so according to his outlook as developed within his particular specialism.
The speakers are also asked to talk on partnerships and cooperations between universities and industry.

The following distinguished guests will give a talk.

9:00-9:45 Prof.Dr. Robert M.M. Mattheij Eindhoven University of Technology Does Industry need Mathematicians?
9:45-10:30 Ir. Gerard F.M. Beenker Philips Research Laboratories (NatLab), Eindhoven Trends in IC Design: large numbers and small dimensions
10:30-11:15 Dr. Frank Demming-Janssen Computer Simulation Technology (CST), Darmstadt New trends in EM-Simulations, Seamless Integration of Best in Class within Design Environment
11:15-12:00 Dr. Koen van Eijk Magma Design Automation Inc, Eindhoven Large scale continuous mathematical problems in IC implementation
14:30-15:15 Dr. Wilhelm Dürr Siemens AG, Medical Solutions, Erlangen Electromagnetic Computation in Medical Imaging - Achievements and Future Needs as exemplified by Magnetic Resonance Imaging
15:15-16:00 Dr. Marc Swinnen Sequence Design, Paris In-depth Speed and Accuracy Comparison of Inductance Extraction for SoC Signal Integrity and Tool Integration
16:00-16:45 Prof.Dr. A. Peter M. Zwamborn TNO Physics and Electronic Laboratory, The Hague Electromagnetic modeling for solving EM-problems relevant to Industry and Society
16:45-17:30 Dr. Isaac Shpantzer CeLight, Silver Spring, MD, USA Coherent Optical Communication - Architecture, Modeling and Optimization


The audience consists of people from academia and from industry with a background in mathematics and in electrical engineering, covering topics in electromagnetics, circuit simulation and coupled problems. They will hear about new challenges for research, requirements for simulation programs, and options for cooperations between industry and universities. For SCEE-attendees the Industry Day is offered at no additional costs.

However it is also possible to attend only this day, which is of special interest to people from industry. Because of its long term aspects the program is also attractive to people from management.
The single day fees for attending the Industry Day are: € 30,--.


Participants of the SCEE-2002 conference do not have to registrate separately for the Industry Day.
Others can registrate for the Industry Day by using this form.


Both the Industry Day and the SCEE-2002 conference will be held at the Eindhoven University of Technology, at the Auditorium. The university is situated right in the centre of the city of Eindhoven.

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Route information is available at the university website.

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