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Every participant whose paper has been accepted for oral or poster presentation, can submit a full paper for the Proceedings.
There will be a separate review process for the Proceedings.

The deadline for contributions for the Proceedings is at the conference, 23 June 2002. Please bring the following:

  1. A hardcopy of your full paper.
  2. A CD-ROM or floppy disk containing the LaTeX source files for your paper.
The proceedings will appear in the series "Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering", at Springer Verlag.

The papers for the Proceedings have to be in the following format.

  1. Single-column format in black-on-white.
  2. Length for contributed papers: 8 pages, length for invited speakers: 12 pages.
  3. Use the LaTeX styles from Springer (see below).
Technical instructions and LaTeX macros for the preparation of your paper are available from Springer's website.
The LaTeX macro package you should use is "LNCSE - LaTeX2e class for Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering".
You can also download a .ZIP file containing all required files.
Detailed instructions from Springer are available as PostScript or PDF file.
Finally, there is a demonstration LaTeX file available, the resulting output is available as PostScript or PDF file.

For technical questions about the Proceedings, please do not hesitate to contact the production editor at Springer, Leonie Kunz, at kunz@springer.de.
Please do not contact the Conference organisation for technical questions about the Proceedings, since we probably have to ask the question to Springer anyway.

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