Statlab - Settings (first time only)

Statlab is an application written in Java. There are three ways to run Statlab:
  1. As an applet using the Microsoft Virtual Machine
  2. As an applet using Sun's Java Plug-in
  3. As a stand-alone application using Sun's Java Web Start
Running Statlab using Web Start is recommended, but you need the Sun Java Runtime Environment (which also contains the Java Plug-in) installed on your system. You can download Java from or by clicking on the button below:

Now a check is performed which Java versions are installed on your system.

Default Java Version Installed Security Settings Additional Information
Microsoft VM
Sun Java Plug-in
Java Web Start

Run Statlab 2.0

Please select the Statlab version that you want to run on this computer. The preferred version is checked by default.
With Microsoft Virtual Machine
With Java Plug-in
With Java Web Start

Remember this setting and do not show this page next time.