Call for Papers

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Automotive system/software architecture (architecture description languages, experiences of applying AUTOSAR standard, integration of SW and HW components, communication infrastructures, etc.)
  • Automotive architecture design patterns
  • Automotive software quality, safety, security
  • Automotive component-based software engineering
  • Model-based automotive software development and systems engineering
  • Verification and validation techniques in the automotive domain
  • Architecture and design of connected transport systems (autonomous vehicles and smart road infrastructure)
  • Automotive software engineering and reverse engineering techniques
  • Software engineering techniques for autonomous driving and cooperative vehicles (processing big data generated from all the sensors in the autonomous driving cars, etc.)
  • Software engineering techniques for hybrid and fully electric vehicles
  • Software engineering techniques for safety assurance and assessment
  • Compliance management of standards or regulations
  • Novel software engineering approaches in automotive software engineering (e.g. continuous integration, software ecosystems)
  • AI technologies in automotive software and their influence on architecture
  • Challenges and solutions for including ML in automotive software


Papers can be submitted in the following categories:
  • Full papers (14 pages) presenting novel research ideas, significant empirical studies, successful industrial applications, or important perspectives.
  • Industrial papers (8 pages) sharing industrial experience, challenges, research or technical problems, case studies.
  • Position or future trend papers (8 pages) raising new ideas, challenges, ongoing research or early research results, and future trends.
All papers must conform, at time of submission, to the Springer CCIS Guidelines. Accepted papers will become part of the workshop proceedings and published in the Springer Communications in Computer and Information Science volume (CCIS). Submit your paper electronically via EasyChair.

An extended version of the selected best papers will be published in a special section of the "Journal of Automotive Software Engineering (JASE)"