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Workflow management technology promises a flexible solution for business-process support facilitating the easy creation of new business processes and modification of existing processes. Unfortunately, todays workflow products have no support for workflow verification. Errors made at design-time are not detected and result in very costly failures at run-time. Woflan helps you to detect these errors before the workflow is put into production. Woflan is a remarkable product with unique features. State-of-the-art Petri-net-based analysis techniques are deployed to verify the correctness of a workflow process. The functionality of Woflan starts where other workflow tools give up. Woflan can interface with several workflow management systems and BPR tools. The challenge is not to detect errors: The real challenge is to provide diagnostics why something is wrong and how it can be repaired. For this purpose, Woflan generates high-quality diagnostic information guiding the designer towards the error. Woflan is based on the strong theoretical results and practical experiences with contemporary workflow management systems.