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Internet-based technology, E-commerce, and the rise of networked virtual enterprises have fueled the need for inter-organizational workflows. Although XML allows trading partners to exchange information, it cannot be used to coordinate activities in different organizational entities. Therefore, we developed a workflow language named XRL (eXchangeable Routing Language) for supporting cross-organizational processes. XRL uses XML for the representation of process definitions and Petri nets for its semantics. Since XRL is instance-based, workflow definitions can be changed on the fly and sent across organizational boundaries. These features are vital for todays dynamic and networked economy. However, the features also enable subtle, but highly disruptive, cross-organizational errors. On-the-fly changes and one-of-a-kind processes are destined to result in errors. Moreover, errors of a cross-organizational nature are difficult to repair. XRL/Woflan is a software tool using state-of-the-art Petri-net analysis techniques for verifying XRL workflows. The tool uses eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) to transform XRL specifications to a specific class of Petri nets. The Petri-net representation is used to determine whether the workflow is correct. If the workflow is not correct, anomalies such as deadlocks and livelocks are reported.