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Further information

The references of this survey are based on a extensive bibliography on umbral calculus and related topics as Sheffer polynomials etc. This bibliography contains over 400 items. It is based on searches in the Mathematical Reviews and on the bibliographies in [107,105] which have not yet been included completely.

The dynamic survey section of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics , and the World Combinatorics Exchange can be accessed via the URL:

For the hot version of this survey (i.e. the version on the World Wide Web) to grow into a bibliography of practical value, we need the links to the bibliographical items. These links are mainly of two types.

Authors and readers who have this information are requested to send it to us. Note that some copyright questions may be involved, and must be cleared before submitting the hypertextual link. Updates should be sent whenever there is a change in the link. /