Linux information

Below information about the Linux keyboard and console, a Linux Large Disk HOWTO, a survey of all known partition types, Linux man pages in many languages, the latest mount, and various other things. (Note: much of this is many years old and has historical or sentimental value only.)

OS/2 cartoons

Harry Martin's OS/2oons.


A tiny trail through the Linux kernel source.

Some random notes on the Linux kernel.


The text of the article The Linux keyboard driver (Andries E. Brouwer, Linux Journal 14, June 1995, pp. 5,6,7,12,13,15) and the source of the program kbd_cmd.c as given there.

The keyboard FAQ and all about scancodes and the A20 line. Info on Linux screen font formats.

I no longer maintain the kbd package. For the current status, see

disk stuff

I no longer maintain mount, fdisk, and the util-linux package. For the current status, see

A list of the known partition types on PCs, with a short description of the systems they belong to.

Details on the Linux handling of large disks.

Some information on ZIP disks.

FAT filesystem

A description of the FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 filesystems.

akaifs filesystem

A kernel module implementing the data format of the AKAI series sampler S1000, S2000 and S3000.

smart media

SmartMedia Card Format


A story on problems with an 3com 3c509b card when the card was last used in an EISA machine.

X permissions

How to get X working on a SuSE 9.1 system.


How to get rid of the emacs splash screen and other emacs fixes.


How to fix xterm selection and paste of accented characters.


How to make wget handle UTF-8 filenames.


Unicode normalization.

gcc / glibc

How programmers are punished for a mistake they did not make: a gcc semibug.


First experiences with Tesseract, an open source OCR machine. Includes patches.


Drawing text with gravity.


A list of known EISA IDs.

John the Ripper

Some docs on the password cracker JtR.


Currently, the manual pages are being maintained by Michael Kerrisk. Status of man pages and translations. (Updated infrequently.) Michael Kerrisk also wrote the famous 1500-page volume The Linux Programming Environment, and organizes Linux/Unix System Programming training courses.


Currently, man is being maintained by Federico Lucifredi. His numbering starts with man-1.6. Earlier versions can still be found in this man-1.5 archive. (This is a version of man with man2html support, so one can either use *roff and some pager like less, or man2html together with netscape or lynx or so.)

Linux Homepage

Debian Homepage

Ubuntu Homepage

Linux Documentation Project

Linux Journal


Freshmeat, day-to-day report on the latest software released for Linux.

An overview of applications available for Linux.


Linux weekly news, Linux Today, The Linux Gazette.


Tom's hardware guide.


Earlier, PJ and Groklaw were good sources of reliable information. Recently however PJ has been won over to the advocacy camp - good anti-Microsoft stories are now more important than facts. A pity. A discussion of one particular episode.