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Linux documentation can be found in man pages, info files, HOWTOs and FAQs, and elsewhere. (For example, also the kernel Documentation directory contains a lot of good stuff.) A nice index for the man pages in Fedora Core 4 is found at the superman site.

Man pages belonging to programs are usually distributed together with those programs. Therefore, the Linux man-pages distribution mainly contains the pages for system calls and library routines, special devices, and file formats. However, it also contains documentation for a number of programs, in cases where the authors or maintainers of the program do not distribute man pages themselves.

The Linux man pages are maintained by Michael Kerrisk. Corrections and additions are welcome. The page undocumented (3) contains a list of routines present in glibc for which no man page is available yet.


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For Chinese translations, see and github/lidaobing/manpages-zh.

For Czech translations, see (Updated 2008.)

For a first start with the Danish translations, see (Updated 2004.)

For Dutch translations, see the above local copy. The server at no longer exists.

For Finnish translations, see Project Finnish man pages (updated 2003, on WayBack). The project seems to have died because of GPL-license problems.

For French translations, see (updated 2008) and alioth (updated 2014).
Additional pages live at

For German translations, see (updated 2006) and alioth (updated 2016).

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For Japanese translations, see See also the JM home page.
Latest version seen: man-pages-ja-20160315.

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For documentation other than man pages, see the LDP home site.

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