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Here are all the traces I've had time to collect so far.  They all have a 
host running Windows ME.  They all use the BBB transport, but various 
protocols (bInterfaceSubClass = 02, 05, or 06).  The ones with "-rmb" in 
their names have the RMB flag set in their replies to INQUIRY commands.

The media for these experiments had a partition table containing a single 
entry (Windows VFAT).  But the partition did not contain a valid 
filesystem, which explains the paucity of READs in the traces.

During the trace, all I did was start the USB connection and then 
disconnect it.  I did not try to access the device from the host in any 

One interesting thing about Windows ME stands out from reading the files: 
It seems to think the right way to recover from a "device was reset" 
response is to reset the device twice!

Alan Stern