A Koran fragment

Our local newspaper (NRC, Saturday 2005-09-10) contained the image below, a Qur'an fragment from the ninth century. So, the question arises what it says, and how to read it. As it turns out reading this is fairly easy.

The script is Kufic. Early Kufic has no vowels and no diacritical signs, but here one has diacritical signs indicated by small black strokes, hamza indicated by a black dot, and vowels indicated by red dots. (Maybe the black strokes were added later? They look ugly compared to the otherwise beautiful writing.)

The vowels a, u, i are indicated by a red dot above, on, or below the line. Double dots indicate -an, -un, -in.

The gold medallions indicate end-of-verse.

The text is As-Saffat 37:62 (with fragments of 61 and 63). The same in modern script:

(Is that the better entertainment, or the Tree of Zaqqum? - part of a fragment warning sinners for the fruits of the Tree of Zaqqum in hell.)