A Koran fragment

The Danish weekly newspaper Weekendavisen had in its issue of 17-23 feb. 2006 the image below, a Qur'an fragment, written with gold on blue paper. So, the question arises what it says, and how to read it. As it turns out reading this is fairly easy. (But more difficult than the fragment found in NRC.)

The script is early Kufic. The NRC fragment had diacritical signs, but here no vowels or diacritics are visible. The next page has a rather similar fragment.

The text is (contained in) Al-Qasas 28:76-79. The same in modern script:

The manuscript text starts with "mafatihahu". Note that the modern text has an alif here that the manuscript does not have.

76. Qarun was doubtless, of the people of Moses; but he acted insolently towards them: such were the treasures We had bestowed on him that their very keys would have been a burden to a body of strong men, behold, his people said to him: "Exult not, for Allah loveth not those who exult (in riches).

77. "But seek, with the (wealth) which Allah has bestowed on thee, the Home of the Hereafter, nor forget thy portion in this world: but do thou good, as Allah has been good to thee, and seek not (occasions for) mischief in the land: for Allah loves not those who do mischief."

78. He said: "This has been given to me because of a certain knowledge which I have." Did he not know that Allah had destroyed, before him, (whole) generations,- which were superior to him in strength and greater in the amount (of riches) they had collected? but the wicked are not called (immediately) to account for their sins.

79. So he went forth among his people in the (pride of his wordly) glitter. Said those whose aim is the Life of this World: "Oh! that we had the like of what Qarun has got! for he is truly a lord of mighty good fortune!"