Course - 2IT15

Automata and process theory


Lecturer: Jos Baeten
Group 1: Roel Bloo
Group 2: Michel Reniers and Francien Dechesne
Group 3 and Group 4 Wieger Wesselink

Lectures are in English. Instructions for the groups 1and 2 are in Dutch. Instructions for the group 3 and 4 are in English.



         Computation of the grade for 2IT15:


        Let D be the mark for 2XT15, E the mark for 2YT15 and F the mark or the examination of June 13th 2009.
       The final mark for the course is then calculated as (D+E+2F)/4.
       Note: only (D+E+2F)/4 will be registered in OWIS. Students interested to know their mark for F can contact their instructor.
       For the examination in August the results of 2XT15 and 2YT15 are not taken into consideration.




Course material:

Book (draft):

Jos C.M. Baeten
Models of Computation: Automata and Processes (pdf) (version 05th January 2009)



The course Automata and Process theory is given in Semester 2 with the following plan: 

  • blok D (28-01-2008 - 16-03-2008): Finite automata (chapter 2) .
  • blok E (17-03-2008 - 05-05-2008): Extending the Algebra (chapters 3) and Automata with Stack Memory (chapters 4).
  • blok F (06-05-2008 - 06-07-2008): Computability (chapters 5).

On Thursday lectures and instructions will alternate, every odd week will be lectures, every even week will be instructions.


The exam is closed book, meaning that during the exam it is not allowed to use the lecture notes and/or notes. Since this course is available for the first time this year there are no old examinations available. For the examination dates check owi.


The list of exercises covered during the instructions can be found here.


Some old exams: 120308; 230408; 250608; 060808; 160109;



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