The topic of the GRAPHITE workshop is graph search in all its forms in computer science. Graph search algorithms tend to have common characteristics, such as duplicate detection, independent of their application domain. Over the past few years, it has been shown that the scalability of such algorithms can be dramatically improved by using, e.g., external memory, by exploiting parallel architectures, such as clusters, multi-core CPUs, and graphics processing units, and by using heuristics to guide the search. The goal of this event is to gather scientists from different communities, such as model checking, artificial intelligence planning, game playing, and algorithm engineering, who do research on graph search algorithms, such that awareness of each others' work is increased.

Invited talks

  • Juan de Lara
    Graph Transformation with Time for Domain-Specific Modelling and Simulation
  • Jaak Vilo
    Graphs in Bioinformatics and Social Networks
  • Pierre Wolper
    Logic Without Formulas: Automata as a Computational Notation

Accepted papers

  • Andreas Beckmann, Jaroslaw Fedorowicz, Jörg Keller, and Ulrich Meyer
    A Structural Analysis of the A5/1 State Transition Graph
  • Elise Cormie-Bowins
    A Comparison of Sequential and GPU Implementations of Iterative Methods to Compute Reachability Probabilities
  • Eduardo Zambon and Arend Rensink
    Graph Subsumption in Abstract State Space Exploration
  • Gijs Kant and Jaco van de Pol
    Efficient Instantiation of Parameterised Boolean Equation Systems to Parity Games
  • Stefan Edelkamp, Peter Kissmann, and Alvaro Torralba Arias de Reyna
    Lex-Partitioning: A New Option for BDD Search