2WC09 - Coding & Crypto
2WC12 - Cryptography 1
Fall 2012

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(January 14, 2013) Exam Info and Cheat Sheet available (here and on Oase)

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Homework (2WC12 only)

Practical things: Exercises week 2: These exercises will prepare you for the coming weeks' cryptosystems that are based on number theory. Exercise sheet week 3
Exercise sheet week 4
Exercise sheet week 5 (UPDATED!)
Exercise sheet week 6

Solutions to exercises are available on the OASE site for 2WC12.


Exam Information
Cheat Sheet

2WC09 - Coding & Crypto exams: Fri Feb. 1, Fri Apr. 12
2WC12 - Cryptography 1 exams: Tue Jan. 22, Tue Apr. 9