Johnny (and John)

My hat is called "Johnny". I bought him in February 2013, when our family was visiting Paris on the occasion of our 25th wedding anniversary. In a fancy fashion shop our children had a lot of fun when I was trying out different hats, and when I chose this one my son Stefan immediately said: "Let's call him Johnny".

In April 2016 John Cleese visited Eindhoven to open the "Silly Walks Tunnel". I was there, see at 2:18 in this video:

Here's our conversation when John Cleese, just after having opened the tunnel, walked by:

Me: "Jolly good, sir. Thank you.", stretching out my hand.
John Cleese, after shaking my hand: "I love your hat.".
Me: "Thank you."

I think I can safely say that my hat is officially approved by John Cleese.

Sad news (November 14, 2020): Johnny is no longer with us.