For my research activities in the areas of cryptology and number theory I have two separate pages:

PhD students


This list contains as many web links as possible.

project involvement


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Erdös number

My Erdös number is 2, as has been acknowledged in the 2015 update of the official data, see below for an excerpt from this file and a MathSciNet screenshot as additional proof.



For what it's worth, comparing citation counts from MathSciNet, Scopus and Web of Science (taking always the maximum of the three :-)) may lead one to believe that my h-index is 14 (at least), and my g-index 21 (situation of June 4, 2015).

(h-index: the largest number h such that you have h publications with each at least h citations,
g-index: the largest number g such that you have g publications with on average at least g citations, i.e. together at least g2 citations.)