BPI Workshop

Business Process Intelligence (BPI) refers to the application of data- and process-mining techniques in the field of Business Process Management. BPI is an area that spans process mining, process discovery, conformance checking, predictive analytics and many other techniques that are all gaining interest and importance in industry and research. In practice, BPI is embodied in tools for managing process execution by offering several features such as analysis, prediction, monitoring, control, and optimization.

The workshop aims at discussing the current state of ongoing research and sharing practical experiences, exchanging ideas and setting up future research directions. We aim to bring together practitioners and researchers from different communities such as business process management, information systems, business administration, software engineering, artificial intelligence, process mining, and data mining who share an interest in the analysis of business processes and process-aware information systems.

Submissions are put through a rigorous scientific review process and the BPI workshop has a conference rating C on Conferenceranks.com

and in the CORE Conference List.

BPI Challenge

In the challenge, which I co-organize yearly since 2011, we provide participants with a real-life event log, and we ask them to analyze these data using whatever techniques available. Typically, we provide a number of business questions with the data and was ask participants to focus on these questions.

The participants may report on a broad range of aspects and we strongly encourage people to use any tools, techniques, methods at their disposal. There is no need to restrict to open-source tools, and proprietary tools as well as techniques developed or implemented specifically for this challenge are welcome.

Since 2011, a Jury decides the winning submissions, typically in several categories. Every year, nice prizes can be won, varying from i-Pads in 2011 to trips to Sydney, Australia in 2018. For details see the links.