Being born and raised in the south of The Netherlands, I nowadays live in Eindhoven with my wife Maja Pešić and our two beautiful children, Boris (2008) and Emma (2011).


The beauty of living in The Netherlands is that, wherever you travel, scenery and food are always in improvement. That's why I generally like travelling. For work, but also with family or friends.

I like camping in the traditional Dutch style, so with a tent-trailer and I prefer mountainous areas like the Eifel, Vosges, or Alpes. Whenever I get the chance, I like to go on hikes an simply enjoy the views.

A few times a year, I take a motorbike trip with a few (up to 50) friends. At least twice year, we visit different area's like Luxembourg, Schwarzwald or Harz for a few days. Details on the 2018 edition of our weekend can be found here.

I like to take the motorbike for as many trips possible, also for work. If the destination is closer than 800 km, I prefer the bike over any other form of transport.

Family holiday in France 2017 Motorweekend 2017
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