2IWA0 Automotive Software Engineering (academic year 2016/2017, quartile 2)


This is the webpage of the lab sessions associated with the course 2IWA0 as given in quartile A2, which primarily targets the major Automotive.

Educational Format
Two times two hours of lectures and one time a lab session. Lectures given by prof. Jan Friso Groote are scheduled on Mondays 13.45-15.30 (hours 5+6) and Wednesday 10.45-12.30 (hours 3+4) in lecture hall MF 08, starting Monday November 14. Lab sessions, supervised by ir. Thomas Neele and dr. Erik de Vink, take place at Monday 15.45-17:30 (hours 7+8) in lecture hall AUD 14. For questions regarding the case study there is an office hour on Wednesday 9:45-10:30 (hour 3) held by Erik de Vink in MF 6.075 (no appointment needed).

Lab activities
For the practical part of the course students are supposed to work in pairs. (Also for the theoretical part of the course students are encouraged to work in study groups.)
During the lab sessions questions can be addressed and assistence can be given for the practial work. Also at the lab sessions you can get approval for the textual requirements for your Car Lock Systems and for your mCRL2 specification of the Rainbow Towers game. The approval of both the requirements in natural language and for your modelling of the Rainbow Towers needs to be obtained Monday December 5 at the latest.

Week 1 Practical work related to Chapter 2   [pdf]  
more to come  



Monday December 5 (1) checked requirements Car Lock System casestudy in natural language
Monday December 5 (2) checked mCRL2 specification of Rainbow Towers Game
Wednesday January 18 draft report Car Lock System casestudy
Friday February 3 final report Car Lock System casestudy