M.A. (Alina) Weffers-Albu

Dr. M.A. Albu PDEng
Royal Philips Electronics NV
Philips Research Laboratories
High Tech Campus
Professor Holstlaan 4, Eindhoven, The Netherlands



1987-1991 In 1987 she started her studies at the Mathematics and Computer Science High School "Grigore Moisil" in Timisoara, Romania.
1991-1996 In 1991 she started her studies at the West University of Timisoara at the Computer Science division of its Faculty of Mathematics. Her diploma project was entitled "Editor Grafic pentru animatie tridimensionala" A Graphics Editor for 3D Animation" In 1996 she received her academic degree in Computer Science.
1996-2000 From 1996 until 2000 she worked as a software designer and project leader in various software companies; the last employment being at the Romanian-German Software Company Data Source Systems.
2000 - 2003 In 2000 she joined the post-graduate (post-M.Sc.) Software Technology education and training programme of  the Stan Ackermans Institute of the Eindhoven University of Technology. During the last 9 months of her training she participated in a project entitled "Design Criteria for FPGA-Applications" at Philips TASS (nowadays TASS Software Professionals). During this project she composed a number of heuristics for designing FPGA-applications (implemented in Celoxica's DK suite and Handel-C) for realizing resource-efficient field reprogrammable FPGA-hardware that was optimized for size and performance. Additionally, she also provided some directions for further work related to optimizations with respect to power consumption. In 2003, she received her PDEng degree.
2003 - 2007 In July 2003, she started working as a PhD-candidate at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (Group: System Architecture and Networks) of the Eindhoven University of Technology. She carries out her project on the subject of Quality-of-Service in In-Home Digital Networks at the Philips Research Laboratories (Group: Information Processing Architectures) in Eindhoven.

2007 - now As of August 2007 she is working at Philips Research Laboratories at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.


She loves reading, listening to music, playing piano, etc.