Michiel Hochstenbach

PhD thesis Michiel Hochstenbach: Subspace methods for eigenvalue problems

On May 28, 2003, I have defended my Ph.D. thesis:

Subspace Methods for Eigenvalue Problems
Hochstenbach, Michiel Erik
Mathematics Subject Classification: 65F15, 65F50, 65F35, 15A18, 15A69, 93E24
Promotor: Professor dr. H.A. van der Vorst
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Utrecht University
ISBN 90-393-3353-X

containing my numerical linear algebra publications as of December 2002.

Downloadable in PDF-format: If you are interested in a paper copy, please let me know via
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Advisors, title, and year of dissertation

Michiel Hochstenbach (Utrecht)
Subspace Methods for Eigenvalue Problems (2003)
Henk A. van der Vorst (Utrecht)
Preconditioning by Incomplete Decompositions (1982)
Abraham van der Sluis (Amsterdam)
General Orthogonal Polynomials (1956)
Jan Popken (Groningen)
Ueber arithmetische Eigenschaften analytischer Funktionen (1935)
Johannes Gaultherus van der Corput (Leiden)
Over roosterpunten in het platte vlak (de beteekenis van de methoden van Voronoi en Pfeiffer) (1919)
Jan Cornelius Kluyver (Utrecht)

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Michiel Hochstenbach
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