Michiel Hochstenbach

NWO Vidi research grant 2013-2018:

    Innovative techniques for large-scale matrix problems

In July 2012 a "Vidi" research grant was obtained from NWO (Dutch Scientific Research Organization).
Amount: € 800.000 for 5 years of research (2013-2018), including 2 PhD students: In this project we will develop several methods for challenging problems involving large matrices.
These techniques will enable a fast and reliable computation of important quantities,
and may have a considerable impact on problems in science, industry, and applications.

Publications so far resulting from the research

Only brief information is given here; please see Pubs Michiel, Pubs Sarah, Pubs Ian for more info and downloads.



Visits from colleagues

Research visits to colleagues

Research presented in talks and posters:

April 2013Kent State UniversityMichiel
April 2013Universiteit GroningenMichiel
November 2013OberwolfachMichiel
November 2013CASA-day TU/eSarah
November 2013CASA-day TU/eIan
April 2014Copper MountainSarah
April 2014NDNS+Ian
June 2014IWASEP 10Ian
June 2014IWASEP 10Sarah
June 2014CERFACSSarah
June 2014Householder XIXMichiel
October 2014WoudschotenSarah
October 2014WoudschotenIan
November 2014CASA-day TU/eSarah
November 2014CASA-day TU/eIan
February 2015Student Krylov daySarah
February 2015Student Krylov dayIan
April 2015NDNS+Ian
April 2015NDNS+Sarah
April 2015Colloquium UUSarah
May 2015WSC Spring meetingSarah
June 2015PreconditioningIan
June 2015PreconditioningSarah
June 2015Summer school CetraroSarah
June 2015NDNS+Michiel
October 2015SIAM LASarah
October 2015SIAM LAIan
October 2015WoudschotenSarah
October 2015WoudschotenIan
November 2015CASA-day TU/eSarah
March 2016Structured Matrix ComputationsMichiel
April 2016CASA-day TU/eIan
June 2016University of LjubljanaMichiel
July 2016ILASSarah
July 2016ILASIan
October 2016WoudschotenSarah
October 2016WoudschotenIan
November 2016CWI AmsterdamIan
April 2017University of LjubljanaMichiel
May 2017Utrecht UniversityIan
May 2017Universitaet WuppertalIan
June 2017Householder 2017Michiel
June 2017PhD defenseIan
September 2017GAMM Linear algebra KölnIan
October 2017PhD defenseSarah
November 2017Sioux LIMEMichiel
February 2018Utrecht UniversityMichiel
March 2018ITB BandungMichiel
April 2018University of LjubljanaMichiel
May 2018SIAM LA Hong KongIan
June 2018ZuerichIan
July 2018RomeSarah
July 2018University of GroningenMichiel

Michiel Hochstenbach
Email: (m.e.hochstenbach tue nl)