ProM Lite released

On February 10, 2016, ProM Lite has been released.

ProM Lite

In contrast to the other releases of ProM we have seen so far, ProM Lite is an end-user release. The other releases were more targeted towards researchers, as these releases did not change (no updates possible). As a result, researchers could use these releases to refer to in their publications, and to claim results. The ProM lite release is more targeted towards end-users, and updates to the packages included in the release are possible. Please note that as a result, this release is a moving target which should not be used to refer to in publications.

Another difference is that ProM Lite does not contain the most recent research prototypes. Only the established algorithms are available to the user. As such, ProM Lite offers a restricted (but stable) set of functionalities. We think that ProM Lite is the ideal tool to use in, for example, education that includes process mining.

ProM Lite can be downloaded free of charge from This page also includes useful links to details about the release, like which plug-ins are available.

We hope you will like this new ProM release! In case of questions and/or comments, feel free to contact me.

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