1. Eric

    Slide 1: The XES Language (Extensible Event Stream)

    Welcome to this webinar on the proposal for IEEE Standardization on the XES language, where XES stands for Extensible Event Stream.
    My name is Eric Verbeek, and I work as a Scientific Engineer at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.
    I will be presenting this webinar today, but please note that I do so on behalf of the [TAB]IEEE Task Force on Process Mining.

    The [TAB]goal of this webinar is to introduce the XES language, which is a language to transfer event data from one location to another location.

  2. Eric

    Slide 2: Data is omnipresent…

    The real need for such a language originates from the fact that, these days, data is almost omnipresent, and coming at us in a rapid pace.
    For example, in two-thousand-eleven, McKinsey estimated that [TAB]thirty billion pieces of content were shared on Facebook, every month, that [TAB]two-hundred-and-thirty-five terabytes of data have been collected by the US Library of Congress by April of that year, that [TAB]fifteen out of seventeen sectors in the US have more data stored per company than the US Library of Congress, and that we need [TAB]one-and-a-half million more data-savvy managers to take full advantage of big data in the US alone.

    In two-thousand-twelve, Gartner stated that in two-thousand-fifteen there would be a need of [TAB]four-point-four million analysts worldwide; of which only twenty-five percent can be met.

    Figures from a Dutch newspaper from two-thousand-thirteen show a similar story: People produce per day [TAB]four-hundred million tweets, send over [TAB]three billion likes, and upload [TAB]three-hundred million pictures. Furthermore, Google Voice processes [TAB]ten years of spoken text daily, the UK has [TAB]two million surveillance cameras, and Facebook has [TAB]one billion users, who watch [TAB]four billion movies daily. Finally, in two-thousand-twenty there will be [TAB]twenty-four billion internet connected devices.

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