New Plug-in: Discover using Decomposition


The figure shows the dialog for the Discover using Decomposition plug-in (DecomposedMiner 6.5.79).

Select configuration

Here you can select the decomposition configuration, which handles the decomposition for you. There are five possible configurations. To explain these configurations, assume that the maximal decomposition would result in N decomposed parts, and that the decomposition slider below is set at D%.

Decomposes the log into (N × D) /100 (rounded down, minimal value is 1) sublogs.
Decompose 100%
Decomposes the log into N sublogs.
Decompose 50%
Decomposes the log into N/2 (rounded down, minimal value is 1) sublogs.
Decompose 75%
Decomposes the log into (3 × N)/4 (rounded down, minimal value is 1) sublogs.
Do not decompose
Uses the log itself as the only sublog.

Decomposition percentage

Here you can influence the number of sublogs obtained by the Decompose configuration. This slider is disabled for all other configurations.

Select classifier

Here you can select the classifier to use. The classifier determines the activity that corresponds to an event.

Select miner

Here you can select the miner to use. This miner will be used to discover a subnet for every sublog. Afterwards, these subnets will be merged into a single discovered net.


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