ProM Visualizer Plug-in: Log Skeleton Browser

This plug-ins allows you to visualize a log skeleton. As an example, see the figure below.

logskeletonbrowserView Activities

Allows you to select which activities (nodes) are shown. By default, all activities are shown.

View Constraints

Allows you to select which relations (arcs) are shown. By default, only the two “always” relations are shown.

Use hyper arcs (may be slow)

Allows you to use hyper arcs to prevent some clutter. As an example, the figure below shows the same log skeleton but now with this option selected.

logskeletonbrowserhyperarcsView Log Skeleton in New Window

Opens the current log skeleton in a new window.

Name Log Skeleton Browser
Package LogSkeleton
Parameters LogSkeleton (log skeleton)
Returns Interactive JComponent visualizing the log skeleton

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