ProM Visualizer Plug-in: Log Skeleton Filter and Browser

This plug-in allows you to visualize an event log using log skeletons. As an example, see the figure below.


On the right-hand side, this visualization shows the visualization of a log skeleton using the Log Skeleton Browser. The options on the left-hand side determine the preprocessor that is applied to the log before the log skeleton is constructed from it.

Required Activities Filter

Allows you to select the activities that are required. Only traces that contain all of the selected activities will be retained.

Forbidden Activities Filter

Allows you to select the activities that are forbidden. Only traces that do not contain any of the selected activities are retained.

Activity Splitters

Allows you to split duplicate labels. The label on the left-hand side, say L, will be split over the label on the right-hand side, say R. Conceptually, a trace is split into two parts:

  1. a head part that ends with either the first occurrence of R or the end of the trace (which comes first) and
  2. a tail part that contains the remainder of the trace.

Occurrences of L in the head part are renamed to L.0, occurrences of L in the tail part to L.1. Splitters are applied from top to bottom. Once a label L has been split into L.0 and L.1, the labels L.0 and L.1 can again be split into L.0.0 etc.

Apply Filters and Splitters

Applies the selected filters and splitters (in that order), construct a log skeleton from the filtered and split log, and show that one on the right-hand side using the Log Skeleton Browser using the default settings (all activities selected, both always relations selected, and no hyper arcs).

Name Log Skeleton Filter and Browser
Package LogSkeleton
Parameters XLog (event log)
Returns Interactive JComponent visualizing the event log using log skeletons

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