Block Layout for PDC 2016 BPMN Models

Steps for every model

  1. Import BPMN file using BPMN 2.0 files import plug-in, yields a BPMN model.
  2. Run headless Select BPMN Diagram plug-in on the BPMN model, yields a BPMN diagram.
  3. Run headless Assign Block Layout to BPMN Diagram, Default Parameters plug-in on the BPMN Diagram, yields a new layout for the same BPMN diagram.
  4. Compare both layouts.

Changes with earlier block layout

  • Creates new layout for the same directed graph (BPMN diagram, Petri net, Accepting Petri net, …)
  • Forward flow is vertically centered, backward flow is added at the bottom. This provides another visual clue for backward flows.
  • Blocks in a vertically layout are sorted based on the minimal labels of the nodes in the blocks.
  • Node-less edges are now routed better (cf. Model 1).
  • Two simple-to-check transition rules have been added to increase speed, as we now do not need to solve an ILP problem.

Model 1

Model 2

Model 3

Model 4

Model 5

Model 6

Model 7

Model 8

Model 9

Model 10

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