Released 6.8 version for BlockLayouts

Today, I have released the version of the BlockLayout package which will be included in the ProM 6.8 release. This package contains plug-ins that can apply a so-called block layout ot a Petri net, an accepting Petri net,m a BPMN diagram, and a transition system. Below, you will see some example for the PDC 2017 #2 model.


BPMN Diagram


Petri net


Transition system



The plug-ins come with a number of parameters, which can either use a default value or the user can set these values using the following dialog:

Parameter dialog

Horizontal Space

Sets the space between two nodes in a horizontal block. Note that an edge counts as a node, as it is transformed into a Petri net transition. As a result, there will be two horizontal spaces between two nodes in the original directed graph. For this reason, the horizontal space is typically half the vertical space. Default: 10.

Vertical Space

Sets the space between two nodes in a vertical block. Default: 20.

Default Width

Default width of a node if no width is provided. Default: 50.

Default Height

Default height of a node if no height is provided. Default: 40.

Start X

The horizontal position of the top left corner of the entire graph. Default: 10.

Start Y

The vertical position of the top left corner of the entire graph. Default 10.

Fraction 1/2/3/4

Fractions used for determining the positions of the edge points. Fractions 1 and 2 are used for horizontal (default) arcs, fractions 3 and 4 for vertical arcs (self-loops). Default: 0.1/0.25/0/1.1.

Lay out from top to bottom (instead of from left to right)

Swaps the horizontal and vertical direction when selected. Default: true for transition systems, false otherwise.

Edge point threshold

Sets the minimal distance an edge point should have to a node to be included as an edge point. Edge points that are too close to a node will be excluded. Default: 5.

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