ProM 6.8-beta released

Today, I have released ProM 6.8-beta, see for some details.

The Famework of ProM 6.8-beta has been updated to cater for Java 9/10:

  • The Framework now includes support for commons-logging (by default this is support is not there on Java 9/10).
  • The Framework now comes with its own class loader, which should be used by default. In Java 9/10, the default class loader does not subclass the URLCLassLoader anymore, which is required by ProM. The new ProM class loader does subclass the URLClassLoader.
  • The Package Manager now tires two alternatives for obtaining the amount of memory (RAM) in the local computer. If both fail, 1 GB will be assumed to be there. The Package Manager of ProM 6.7 will crash on Java 9/10 while attempting to obtain the amount of memory.

The current overview of included packages can be found on, the current set of release notes on



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