ProM Lite 1.3-alpha released

Yesterday, ProM Lite 1.3-alpha has been released. Details (including downloads) can be found on the ProM trac site. ProM Lite 1.3 will be the first ProM release that allows the user to use multiple ProM pacakage repositories. When starting, ProM will determine which repository reacts the fastest, and will use that repository for the remainder … [Read more…]

Change in the ProM Framework

I’ve just released a new version of the ProM Framework, version 6.9.70. It is very likely that ProM developers will need to update to this latest version of the framework, as some things will not work anymore with older versions. This new framework includes functionality which makes it possible for ProM to check multiple package … [Read more…]

OpenXES 2.24 released

On July 16, 2018, version 2.24 of OpenXES has been released. This version of OpenXES solves an issue with cloning list attributes. This new version of OpenXES is available in the ProM Nightly Build as of July 16, 2018 (as of version 6.8.366 of the Log package).

Paper titled “Recomposing Conformance: Closing the Circle on Decomposed Alignment-Based Conformance Checking in Process Mining” has been accepted for publication in Information Sciences

W. L. J. Lee, H. M. W. Verbeek, J. Munoz-Gama, W. M. P. van der Aalst, and M. Sepúlveda, “Recomposing conformance: closing the circle on decomposed alignment-based conformance checking in process mining,” Information sciences, vol. 466, pp. 55-91, 2018. [Bibtex]  

ProM 6.8 released

ProM 6.8 has been released today, and can be downloaded from the ProM website. This new version of ProM comes with several new packages (see the Release Notes) and with many updated packages (see the Change Logs). A full list of plug-ins contained in ProM 6.8 is also available ProM 6.8 can also run under … [Read more…]

Publications on XES Standard

G. Acampora, A. Vitiello, B. Di Stefano, W. M. P. van der Aalst, C. W. Günther, and H. M. W. Verbeek, “IEEE 1849TM: The XES Standard: The Second IEEE Standard Sponsored by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society,” IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, pp. 4-8, 2017. [Bibtex] @Article{Acampora17, Title = {{IEEE 1849TM: The XES Standard: The Second IEEE … [Read more…]

Top-10 ProM plug-ins June 2018

This bar chart shows the top-10 plug-ins based on their runs as registered by Google Analytics. These registrations by Google Analytics can be enabled (or disabled) using the Package Manager of either ProM 6.7 or a recent ProM Nightly Build.

Paper titled “Fast Conformance Analysis based on Activity Log Abstraction” has been accepted for publication in EDOC 2018

P. M. Dixit, H. M. W. Verbeek, and W. M. P. van der Aalst, “Fast conformance analysis based on activity log abstraction,” in 2018 ieee 22nd international enterprise distributed object computing conference, proceedings, 2018, pp. 135-144. [Bibtex] @InProceedings{Dixit18b, Title = {Fast Conformance Analysis based on Activity Log Abstraction}, Author = {Dixit, P. M. and Verbeek, … [Read more…]