Top-10 ProM plug-ins June 2018

This bar chart shows the top-10 plug-ins based on their runs as registered by Google Analytics. These registrations by Google Analytics can be enabled (or disabled) using the Package Manager of either ProM 6.7 or a recent ProM Nightly Build.

Paper titled “Fast Conformance Analysis based on Activity Log Abstraction” has been accepted for publication in EDOC 2018

P. M. Dixit, H. M. W. Verbeek, and W. M. P. van der Aalst, “Fast conformance analysis based on activity log abstraction,” in 2018 ieee 22nd international enterprise distributed object computing conference, proceedings, 2018, pp. 135-144. [Bibtex] @InProceedings{Dixit18b, Title = {Fast Conformance Analysis based on Activity Log Abstraction}, Author = {Dixit, P. M. and Verbeek, … [Read more…]