15th International Workshop on Business Process Intelligence (BPI’19)

to be held in conjunction with BPM 2019 in Vienna (Austria) September 1-6, 2019 Website: https://feb.kuleuven.be/bpi19 Call for Papers Business Process Intelligence (BPI) refers to the application of data- and process-mining techniques in the field of Business Process Management. BPI is an area that spans process mining, process discovery, conformance checking, predictive analytics and many … [Read more…]

Fixed issue in IEEE XES Schema

An issue with the positioning of the log attributes has been fixed in the IEEE Schema file today. According to the IEEE XES Standard, the log attributes should follow the extensions, globals, classifiers and precede the traces and events. However, the original schema put the attributes in front of them all: This has now been … [Read more…]

Top-10 ProM plug-ins February 2019

This bar chart shows the top-10 plug-ins based on their runs as registered by Google Analytics. These registrations by Google Analytics can be enabled (or disabled) using the Package Manager of either ProM 6.7 (or better) or a recent ProM Nightly Build.