ProM 6.9 released

ProM 6.9 has been released today, and can be downloaded from the ProM website. This new version of ProM comes with several new packages (see the Release Notes) and with many updated packages (see the Change Logs). A full list of plug-ins contained in ProM 6.9 is also available

ProM 6.9 can also run under Java 9 and later, which ProM 6.7 and earlier could not. However, we strongly advice Windows users to install ProM 6.9 with the embedded JRE8. Although ProM 6.9 does run under Java 9 and later, we have experienced some minor issues related to the graphics:

  • The anti-aliasing in the JGraph graphs (Petri nets, BPMN diagrams, …) seems not to be working correctly. At least, some of the lines drawn in the graph may not show.
  • The memory buttons in the Package Manager may not be updated correctly. This has something to do with the list of packages just on top of it. If you scroll down to the bottom of this list, updating the buttons does work correctly.

Furthermore, for the XML import and export to work properly, you may need to have the JAXB package installed. Java 8 and earlier had these libraries installed by default, Java 9 and later have not.

The framework of ProM 6.9 will also run using JRE7, but some of the packages require JRE8 or better. Therefore, we advice to use JRE8.

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