Filter: Select on length

This filter allows you to select traces on their length.


  • 6.12.1

Availability requirements

  • The input log is available.
  • The input log has at least one trace.

Configuration panel

The options on the top left control whether missing lengths on the right hand side will be added, and whether the maximal length will be rounded up. The trace lengths can be selected on the middle left. On the bottom left, we can select to filter in (select all traces that have a selected length) or filter out (select all traces that do not have a selected length). Statistics on the trace lengths are shown on the right.


By default, the configuration panel shows the trace lengths as it has found them in the input log. However, if the output log of the preceding filter is not yet available, the input log will be the input log of the computation cell. As such, it will show the trace lengths of this log. Please be aware of this, and use the first check box to include missing trace lengths if needed. A workaround is to add this preceding filter, then to recompute the cell, and then go back to the configuration panel of this filter. It will then show the trace lengths as found in the output log of the preceding filter.

Sample result

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