Filter: Ensure unique trace names

This filter allows you to ensure that the trace concept names are global and are unique.

Acceptance requirements

  • The input log satisfies at least one of the following three conditions:
    1. It does not have the concept extension.
    2. It does not have “concept:name” as global trace attribute.
    3. It has traces with the same concept name.


As from FilterBook-6.11.19.

Configuration panel

The filtered log contains the concept extension, has “concept:name” as a global trace attribute, and has no traces that have the same value for the “concept:name” attribute.

Suppose we have a log containing four traces that have “X”, “X 2”, “X”, and “X 2” as values for the “concept:name” attribute. The trace with name “X” is the first with that name. Therefore, it keeps its name. Same with the second trace. However, the name of the third trace is the same as the name of the first trace. Therefore, we change its name to “X 2” and try that. But this name is the same as the name of the second trace. Therefore, we change it again into “X 2 2” and try that. As we have not seen this name before, this will be the name of the third trace in the filtered log. Same with the fourth trace, which gets renamed to “X 2 3”, as we have already seen two traces that tried the name “X 2”. Thus, in the end, these traces are renamed to “X”, “X 2”, “X 2 2”, and “X 2 3”.

Sample result

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