ProM Plug-in: Build Log Skeleton from Event Log

This headless plug-in allows you to construct a log skeleton from an event log. The construction algorithm will only take the “concept:name” attribute of every event into account. Name Build Log Skeleton from Event Log Package LogSkeleton Parameters XLog (event log) Returns LogSkeleton constructed for the event log

ProM Visualizer Plug-in: Log Skeleton Browser

This plug-ins allows you to visualize a log skeleton. As an example, see the figure below. View Activities Allows you to select which activities (nodes) are shown. By default, all activities are shown. View Constraints Allows you to select which relations (arcs) are shown. By default, only the two “always” relations are shown. Use hyper … [Read more…]

Log Skeleton usability improved

The Log Skeleton has been extended with how often an activity may occur in a trace. These numbers are shown in the bottom right corner for every activity. Typical values are “1” (occurs exactly once), “0..1” (may or may not occur once), and “0..x” (may happen up to x times). See below for an example. … [Read more…]

Log Skeleton readability improved

The Log Skeleton readability has been improved by merging some of the arcs and by possibly introducing hyper arcs (to avoid clutter). The figures below show the effect on the log 10 of the Process Discovery Challenge 2017. Old LogĀ  Skeleton Improved Log Skeleton Log Skeleton Browser As the computation of the hyper arcs may … [Read more…]