New Plug-in: DrFurby Classifier

Input Training log (XLog) Test log (XLog) Output Test log (XLog) with classified traces (using DrFurby Extension, see below). Package DivideAndConquer DrFurby Classifier Plug-in The DrFurby Classifier plug-in takes a training log and a test log, and returns a copy of the test log where every trace in the test log is classified as fitting … [Read more…]

New alignment merge algorithm

The alignment merge algorithm has been updated. Instead of merging one subalignment at a time, it now merges all subalignments at once. This new algorithm comes with two options: A strategy that determines which legal move from a collection of legal moves is considered to be best. A boolean that states whether the merged alignment … [Read more…]

New Plug-in: Split traces

Problem setting Assume you have the following CSV file as input: and that you want the following CSV file as output: That is, we want to use the value of the Split attribute to split the trace on, where we assume the values of the attribute to be white-space separated lists of subvalues. Every trace … [Read more…]