ProM Lite 1.3 Alpha candidate

On July 1st, 2020, the ProM Lite 1.3 Alpha candidate has been made available. Important dates for the ProM Lite 1.3 release are: July 1: Alpha candidate July 1- August 5: Alpha candidate testing August 5 – September 16: Alpha candidate bug fixing September 16: Beta candidate September 16 – September 30: Beta candidate testing … [Read more…]

ProM Lite 1.3-alpha released

Yesterday, ProM Lite 1.3-alpha has been released. Details (including downloads) can be found on the ProM trac site. ProM Lite 1.3 will be the first ProM release that allows the user to use multiple ProM pacakage repositories. When starting, ProM will determine which repository reacts the fastest, and will use that repository for the remainder … [Read more…]