Block Layout on PDC 2016 Models

Steps for every model Import BPMN file using BPMN 2.0 files import plug-in, yields a BPMN model. Run headless Select BPMN Diagram plug-in on the BPMN model, yields a BPMN diagram. Run Convert BPMN diagram to Petri net (control-flow) plug-in on the BPMN diagram, accept defaults, ignore warnings, yields a Petri net. Run headless Reduce … [Read more…]

ProM File Format: Log Skeleton (.lsk)

We explain the log skeleton .lsk format with an example. The log skeleton is shown in the figure below. For this example log skeleton, the file looks as follows: log10 activity counts,16 f,22,0,1 g,817,0,1 [],1000,1,1 d,800,0,1 e,1000,1,1 b,958,0,1 a,888,0,1 |>,1000,1,1 o,1881,1,3 m,24,0,1 j,1016,0,2 i,1868,1,2 u,112,0,1 r,89,0,1 q,2683,1,3 p,1000,1,1 transition counts,86 g,q,65 g,o,270 p,i,409 a,e,462 r,q,11 … [Read more…]

Log Skeleton readability improved

The Log Skeleton readability has been improved by merging some of the arcs and by possibly introducing hyper arcs (to avoid clutter). The figures below show the effect on the log 10 of the Process Discovery Challenge 2017. Old Log  Skeleton Improved Log Skeleton Log Skeleton Browser As the computation of the hyper arcs may … [Read more…]

25 years…

On September 29, 2015, I had been working for 25 years on the TU/e. On March 18, 2016, there was a ceremony where I, among others, received the TU/e watch that goes with it. Pity it is not a pocket watch.

Publications 2012

W. M. P. van der Aalst, A. Adriansyah, A. A. K. de Medeiros, F. Arcieri, T. Baier, T. Blickle, J. C. R. P. Bose, P. van den Brand, R. Brandtjen, J. C. A. M. Buijs, A. Burattin, J. Carmona, M. Castellanos, J. Claes, J. Cook, N. Costantini, F. Curbera, E. Damiani, M. de Leoni, P. … [Read more…]